Field Engineer

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Date: May 2, 2024

Location: Savalalo, WS

Company: Digicel Pacific

Talofa lava,


At Digicel, we are looking for dynamic people to join our growing team. This fantastic opportunity is available and if you can operate effectively in a fast-paced digital industry and meet the desired requirements; then we would like to hear from you.

JOB TITLE: Field Engineer

REPORTS TO (TITLE): Head of Technical         


PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF THE ROLE: Operations & Maintenance of cell sites and transmission to ensure network KPI improvement and Targets met. Facilitate new site builds and project rollouts.

Main Duties/ Responsibilities (list 5 core areas of responsibility employees has within this role)

1.         Maintenance of power equipment

          Standby generator routine (check oil level, fuel level, frequency of output voltage) and effect repairs at times

          Battery routine (check distilled water level, measure battery voltage, ensure batteries are being charged correctly)

          Maintenance of rectifier (output voltage check, alarm history collection and analysis,

          Transporting, connecting and operating standby generators.

          Automatic transfer switch maintenance (power automation)

          Maintenance of power equipment – Rectifiers, Converters

          Liaison with equipment suppliers and maintenance contractors

          Checking aircon in shelter sites and Switch site


2.         Maintenance of Microwave & RBS equipment:

          Follow the rectification procedure to repair and resolve active issues like RSL deviation, Output power failure, Link disconnect/ degradation, other h/w related repair and replacement activities

          Performance of Routine procedures to maintain stability of Digicel Transmission Network

          Periodic s/w upgrades and health check of RBS

          CF alarm & Block Trx rectification

          Perform TRU upgrades or reconfiguration to increase site capacity

          Troubleshooting of RBS at site and follow guideline to replace faulty modules

          Configuration and Wiring of external alarms and voltage charging circuits

          Monitor operation of CLU’s & extractor fans (effecting repairs sometimes)

          Wire additional PCM cables in preparation for site expansion.

          Perform transmission upgrades alongside contractors to optimize network and increase capacity

          Support for coverage DT to ensure optimum reception and fault resolution.

          Maintain inventory of sites and timely return the faulty modules

          Clean RBS and filters on site


3.         Site Management

          Coordination with Contractor for the daily corrective & preventive activities to reduce the MTTR & quality of work

          Monitoring & sample audits during the fuel refilling & invoice validation.

          Ensure Site register is available at each site & each activity has been accounted in register

          DG & fuel readings to be taken during each site visit to calculate CPH and to ensure no pilferage.

          Timely communication to management and NOC & concerns for any site issues.


4.         Network Expansion/Upgrades and new site rollouts

          Work along with RF and Transmission to find the most suitable location for new sites.

          Support for negotiating leases for new sites.

          Coordination with management and NOC for the issue resolution on existing & new sites

          Perform testing and commissioning and alarm verification of new sites to ensure that suppliers adhere to Digicel’s standards and specifications.

          Physical checks as per site documentation;

o          Installation RBS/ PDH/ o3b equipment

o          Electrical wiring

o          DG, Battery, Hybrid & power plant installation

o          Testing functionality of Alarm reporting systems

o          Earth connections/measurements

o          Performance to standards for thresholds set

o          Cabling run from antenna to RBS is up to standard


5.         Process compliance

          Preventive maintenance of vehicles on timely basis

          Adherence of O&M processes

          Maintain Spares register and ensure faulty equipment are correctly processed as per RMA process for vendor replacements.



•          Ability to work unsupervised and deal with multiple priority assignments simultaneously.

•          Good team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

•          Ability to operate calibrated test equipment eg. BER test set, RF power meter, spectrum analyser, frequency counter, and sweep oscillator.

•          Knowledge of radio transmitter, receivers and antennae,

•          Knowledge of DC and AC power systems

•          Good driver and able to take care of vehicle

Competencies - below are the 5 competencies which we expect all staff in Digicel to display and 3 Additional competencies for Managers



            Competencies - below are the 5 competencies which we expect all staff in Digicel to display in their daily work    

                        1.         Customer focused       Always put the customer first always whether this is an internal or external customer                  

                        2.         Problem Solving          Always attempt to find solutions to problems and challenges which you face in your daily work              

                        3.         Drive for results          Always focus on achieving the result you and the business will benefit from, be motivated to do well always            

                        4.         Follow through           Do what you say you will do, take ownership of your situation                   

                        5.         Effective Relationships            Build relationships with both your colleagues and your customers             


Visit Success Factor’s Careers Page to express your interest for this role no later than 5pm, Friday 26th May 2023. All applications must be attached with a cover letter, most recent resume, referee details and copies of required qualifications. Should you have any queries, please direct this to Bureieta Leauga via email    


Digicel Samoa Limited is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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